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Here at Able Media, we offer stunning, professional web design Devon companies can count on, with local businesses, sole traders, organisations and large companies all trusting our skilled, experienced team.

Responsive Web Design as Standard

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Responsive Web Design

Unlike many web design companies, we at Able Media won’t charge you extra for a responsive site. A responsive site is one which re-arranges its content depending on the device it’s viewed on: essential with so much web traffic coming from mobile phones and tablets such as iPads.

Why Do You Want a Responsive Site?

Web users need different information based on the device they use. Those on desktop or laptop computers will want to see your full site in all its glory; media such as home page sliders, embedded videos, and high-resolution graphic design. Those on tablet computers may be browsing through their mobile data plans and will appreciate lightweight, quick loading websites which don’t use more of their data plan than is necessary! Mobile users, when searching for businesses, rarely need more than contact details such as email forms or phone numbers they can call straight from the web page they’re viewing. Responsive sites optimise their layouts for each device, offering users what they expect in a clear, obvious and stylish way automatically. All of which means – your company, and not your competitors, gets those valuable business leads. Beat the competition and order a responsive website from Able Media today!

Combining Design, Usability and SEO

Our design team have a history of employment in the SEO industry, meaning that your new website will be ready for on-site SEO, either through our recommended business affiliates or through a company of your choosing, from day 1. Our copywriting team will discuss which key phrases will be most profitable for your company and create industry-leading copy for your site. You’ll be ranking in no time!

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Why not take a peek at our Portfolio to see the sites we’ve made for existing customers? Perhaps you’d like to read some of the Testimonials they’ve kindly given us for services rendered. Or Contact Us if you want to ask us how easily, quickly and affordably one of the stunning, responsive sites that Able Media provide can be yours!

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