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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a fiendishly difficult job to do, as unless it’s done absolutely perfectly, you can end up with sub-standard results, rankings which are vulnerable to changes in Google’s algorithm changes, or rankings for keywords which seem valuable but don’t actually drive any traffic or business. That’s where we’re different; we know that 99% of business owners don’t care which keywords, tactics or techniques their SEO service does, all they care about – is MAKING MORE MONEY. Which, we think, makes us the SEO in Derby team to choose!

If you’re unsure where to begin with, you’ll probably find that Able Media’s Local SEO Listing service is for you. It’s low-cost, low-risk, and high gain – many of our customers report that the income from the Local SEO outweighs our fee many times over!

The theory is simple, though the execution has to be done precisely. We can either create from scratch a brand new Google Places for Business listing, spending at least one entire working day making sure that all fields are written with intelligent mention of your key services. We also make sure that we’re not over-focussed on our own SEO techniques – the purpose of this listing is, after all, to be read by real customers who are convinced to call your business. Our professional and experienced copywriting team, with a proven track record of Local SEO success, will make sure that your listing is perfect for both Google’s policies and your potential customers.

Local SEO

If you have an existing Google Listing, we need access to it – we can easily arrange to operate an existing Google Listing for you. Duplicate Listings are the bane of our existence, so if you’re not sure whether you have one or not, or there are problems with your existing Listing, contact us to get it sorted today!

Once this is complete, we create listings in online business directories, which we and the rest of the SEO world refers to as Citations. Although this seems easily done, it’s even easier to get wrong – what’s known in the industry as the NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) have to be identical, to the extent which a single mistake can corrupt and ruin a valuable citation. For instance – Mansfield Road and Mansfield Rd are registered as separate pieces of info in Google’s data banks. Formatting is important -for instance, the phone numbers 01332203023, 01332 203023 and 01332 20 30 23 are all registered differently.

Is your data identical for each of your citations? It’s our job to make sure it is. If you’re not 100% certain that every citation on the Internet is identical, you need to Contact Us on 01332 203023 today and get the problem solved.

We don’t target particular keywords with our Local SEO service – it’s much more beneficial to create natural, easily-read content which attracts traffic from a broad range of keywords.

Our Guarantee:

We guarantee that our SEO in Derby will get your business visible locally with relevant, profitable keywords, within 3 months. This exposure will increase interest in your business. You’ll soon find the phone starts ringing more often and email enquiries increase – then it’s up to you to close the deal and make more cash!

Question: how can you make sure that your business’ website ranks highly for competitive keyphrases which actually draw traffic and offer genuine, convertible value, while making sure that you never put yourself at risk from Google Penalties, black-hat tactics, or unethical link building?

Answer: focus heavily on your on-site SEO.

Although backlinks and citations are still valuable resources, on-site SEO has overtaken off-site SEO in recent months. The reason for this is Google now has the resources to investigate and index a large percentage of the Web – especially with business websites which want to be found and read by potential customers. Links to websites used to be the currency of SEO, but Google soon realised that links were too easily bought, mass-manufactured, or traded for profit – with no thought of benefiting the end user. Because of this, all but the hardest-acquired links have been devalued.

So where to go from there? Simple – just make sure that your website is the very best it can be. Submit your site’s data to Google’s Webmaster Tools, study its structure and content with its Analytics software, and focus on making your site as clear, readable and valuable as possible to your potential customers. Doing so will increase your site’s Authority and Accessibility rating. These two factors are valued highly by Google’s algorithms.

Put simply, a brilliant site with valuable, well-written content WILL outrank a website with an aggressive SEO policy and no great content for its readers to view. That’s where Able Media comes in.

SEO in Derby

We have full-time, in-house SEO copywriters who will find, research, create and publish excellent content on any given topic. It’s a matter of creative thinking; any industry can have valuable content added which users will find and enjoy, whether it’s an article advising them on how to save money, a beginner’s guide to understanding trade terms, or a reaction to recent industry news or events.

Doing this, while keeping relevant keywords in mind and with the correct internal linking formats, can boost your sites’ rankings far beyond what used to be possible with on-site SEO even as recently as last year.

Need proof? Get in touch with Able Media and we’ll show you exactly what our on-site SEO service consists of, and how we’ve improved our existing clients’ rankings.

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